Do not wait — Control your Children!

Children Secure also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions.

process 3

For Register

First Register

First, parents register on website with Username, Email and Password. After register, you have to login with Email and Password. You can also log in with Twitter, Facebook and Google. And child have to register in mobile application.

process 3

FOR QRCode Scanner

Second QrCode Scan

When register and login is done, after you have to scan your child’s mobile on website. Because scan is important to lock any application in your child’s mobile.

process 2

Lock Application

Third Lock Application

After complete QR code scanner than you have to lock any application for prevent your child. If any application lock that application child can’t open.

process 2


Save your children's time

Parents can handle his child’s mobile on website. Parents can do lock any app and also set limit. Parents can lock any apps, when his children is any place and also lock any app for day, week and month. Parents can set daily time limit in any app. Prevent your child for misuse of mobile. Parents can handle all children’s mobile phone with this app and website.

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Android Device

Safe your child for using smartphone

Child use only those app who decided by parents. When parents give permission to use app that time child can use app. Children can’t use any app when apps are locked. Child can’t do misuse of mobile and focus on study.


Mange all of your child's activity easily through your own computer. You don't need to run after their phones to get the information that you need, all of it is sent over to your online dashboard by Children secure


Don't want your kids watching porn? Children secure can help. With this on your child's phone there is no way that any pornographic webpages will work.


This feature lets you take apps that you don't want your child using and block their functionality completely. If it's on Secure Teen's block list there is no way that it can work.


This feature helps parents to set a time based schedule for device usage by children so that they can focus on other important aspects of life like sports, schools and friends.


  • Great security I love the extent of control and monitoring I have for my child, especially the fact that you can restrict and allow certain hours of the day for access.
  • This is one of the best apps you could possibly find when it comes down to monitoring what your sibling does on his/her phone. I've stopped using all other apps in this category accept this one. It has everything that I need in order to protect my kids from the dangers of the Web and any type of social media or any potentially dangerous apps/websites.
  • Does what you want and more this app is amazing. it does so much and more and gives you some piece of mind. the ability to have control at your fingertips. parents must use this app.



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